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Children ‘s AI Programming

2021 Summer Curriculum

Scratch Jr. is a programming language that offers a very simple introduction into the world of programming for younger students. The curriculum for our AI000 class is to prepare younger students for the difficulties they may face in AI001. The AI000 Course is a single session where students will learn the fundamentals of programming through the creation of over a dozen projects related to Animation, Storytelling, and Games. The projects are cumulative so that students can begin to develop an intuition for how different pieces of a project build upon one another.

This course is taught using the Scratch 3.0 Software, and is based on Google’s CS First program. We have tailored the curriculum to effectively introducing coding principles through projects, much like AI000, but with more depth and Computer Science understanding. The AI001 Course is structured with 3 Sessions, each of which is based on a separate theme and increases in difficulty. Each Session is 15-20 Hours for a total of 45-60 Hours if all sessions are completed. (NOTE: Not all sessions must be completed in order to move on to the next course. This is up to the skill of each individual student.)

AI002 is designed to give young students a comprehensive introduction to the field of Artificial Intelligence. It is difficult to find a class where young students can be introduced to AI in a way that is interesting and simple. We wanted to fill this gap in the educational market, and thus developed our AI002 Course. This course is a solid introduction to Artificial Intelligence for any child who does not yet feel comfortable learning with a high level programming language like Python.

AI003 is a course designed to give an applicable introduction to programming using an actual programming language. Over the course of 4 sessions, students will learn to set up a development environment, understand and implement programming log, and develop games.. Sessions 1 and 2 focus on computer science related concepts with small projects, whereas Session 3 and 4 are project-based and focused entirely on implementation and game design.

AI005 is a course designed to give an in-depth understanding to future software developers. This course is 4 sessions, all of which are tailored toward students who are a bit older and wish to understand all of what the field of programming has to offer. In this course, we dive into some of the more technical concepts that most students wouldn’t see until college, and we introduce them to the students in easily digestible chunks.

Summer Class Schedule

Our Summer Sessions range 2 to 12 weeks (June 6 - August 29), with flexible options customizable for your need.

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Shared Experience

"My son enjoyed the class. As a parent, I received prompt notice if my son isn't at class on time, which I really appreciate. I especially like the timely feedback after each class, so I know how my son did and the level of difficulty of the class materials."

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Rosemary Karr

"I was hoping to learn Scratch + AI particularly the AI part because I already know scratch. If add more AI part to the teaching content would fit me better."

shape author
Jason Xiao

"My son enjoyed the class. Please continue offer the class and my son would like to continue the study. "I would also appreciate if the class can organize students do some group projects if possible. So students can collaborate and build something bigger. "

shape author
Audrey Lee

AI002 Scratch + AI: "James is very responsible and help her on each class if she doesn’t understand."

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Jenny Deo

AI002 Scratch + AI: "I really liked learning with you. You mixed learning and fun into a educative cheerful Course."

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Marjin Otte

AI002 Scratch + AI: "Good. No extra homework, hand on workshop.", "Good teacher, very patient."

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David Smith

"I liked how they showed you how to use the AI for Scratch, and it was easy to follow along."

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David Mao

"I really enjoyed working with my friends to achieve a goal and work hard to complete it."

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Noah Addeo

"The event was great and increased social interaction as well as taught me a lot about coding and helped me improve my skills!"

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Ayush Srivastava

"The judges provides great advice regarding how to improve our presentation for the final round."

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Sarthak Mohapatra

" I liked how you coded, fixed bugs, and met new people."

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Adalyn Shen

AI003 Python: "Elias has high regard for the teacher. The teacher is very knowledgeable, very nice and helpful to the students. "

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Aaron Cameron