Teens Teach Kids AI Coding

The integration of technology in our lives and its influence on our world is growing rapidly in all fields. It is essential to adapt to these changes and learn the basics behind this. Especially for students today, with promises of electricity-run cars and AI robots, technology is going to be the central point of their lives. With our reliance on technology expanding and the rapid pace of technological evolution, it is important to learn computer programming, not only as a way to ensure a successful career, but also to get an understanding on how it all works.

Our goal here at AiGoLearning is to provide that for students of all ages and help them develop their own footing in this world.

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Scratch JR(AI 000) For ages 5-7 years old

Scratch Jr is an introductory programming language that encourages creativity and expression, enabling five- to seven-year-old children to create their own interactive projects through coding. It provides young children with opportunities to design, create, and express themselves. Using Scratch Jr, children can use the programming blocks to bring their characters to life. *Scratch Jr course duration: Session#1 -> Session#2. (16 hours per each session)

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Scratch(AI 001) For ages 7-9 years old

Extending from Google’s CS First themed curriculum, we introduce grades 2-5 students (7 years-old and up) to coding principles, all in project-based activities. Kids will systematically learn to program in Scratch, meanwhile explore storytelling techniques, build fun games and craft interesting presentations. The projects will showcase their creativity with the aid of coding and digital designs. *Scratch course duration: Session#1 -> Session#2 -> Session#3 -> Session#4. (16 hours per each session)

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Scratch + AI(AI 002) For ages 9-12 years old

Have you ever wondered how Alexa could always find an answer to your whimsical questions? We have and we figured that out, in Scratch. Using the proprietary AI platform built by, we introduce grades 4-8 students to the concept of machine learning and its applications in real life. Learning with 10 projects from different AI focuses all implemented in Scratch, the kids will explore the meanings of artificial intelligence in our daily life and the engineering principles behind these AI-based applications. *Scratch+AI course duration: Session#1 -> Session#2 -> Session#3. (16 hours per each session)

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Our Classes

These are the different formats in which classes are offered. We will also be having clubs in some schools, along with some in person classes eventually!

Live, Online Classes

In Aigolearning, classes are small, online, live classes, with a class size of 4 – 8 students. Instructors will teach through online tools such as Scratch. The class will be hosted through online streaming tools with breakout rooms, in which students and instructors can interact with students smoothly.

Programming Classes with Varying Levels

We offer a serie of courses at different levels (1 – 4), from Scratch Jr to Scratch to Scratch + AI to Python to Java Programming; from introduction to medium to advanced levels. Students are welcome to sign up for any courses, any level at any time.

Parallel Classes

Each class will have a total of three to four sessions, 16 hours per session. Students can move up a level/course after completing any number of sessions of their current course.

Our Team


Ashia Agarwal


Hello, my name is Ashia Agarwal. I am a freshman at Coppell High School: Ninth Grade Center. I have always had a very analytical brain, so naturally I was drawn to coding. Furthermore, my parents enrolled me into coding classes at the age of nine and I have been learning ever since. Being introduced to computer programming at that age, I developed an interest in the technological field and moreover, an interest in understanding how things function. I am also a natural-born leader, so I like to take charge and this allowed me to find a desire within myself to teach. Besides coding, I love theatre and acting. I have been in multiple productions and have even directed and starred as the lead in some. I am also a huge music fan. Music is something that helps me release my emotions. I also take part in Debate. I also really want to write a book someday in the future.