Vision: A community where everyone has a decent economic activity to earn a living.

Mission: Realizing the economic potentials the community has and manipulating them into wealth.

Our Values:

  1. Equality

  2. Unity/Togetherness

  3. Solidarity

  4. Fraternity

  5. Comradeship


Promoting micro-economic training activities to communities.

We facilitate different and appropriate training to communities based on the contextual analysis of the area. For example, we support agricultural societies by training youth and providing them with the available Information and Technology training to enable them to employ themselves.

Access to Education

Empower youth to have access to both formal and informal education. Providing them with the possible access to education. We strive to help the community support children's access to education.

Raise awareness about Disabilities

Raising awareness about disabilities informing communities that disabilities are not inabilities. In many cases people with disabilities are not given priority in many aspects and can oftentimes, be forgotten about or left behind. Ubuntu supports everyone and makes sure that no one is left behind during any aspect and process.

Empower Modern Agricultural Practices

Empower modern agricultural practices that will uplift the living standard of the community. In most rural areas of Tanzania small scale peasants are facing a challenge of using outdated farming techniques, leaving them with a low harvest every year.

Economic Research

Advocate development research in implementation of various economic activities. Helping the government arrange different plans which will have both short and long term effects.