Empowering students to be LEADERS

Spreading computer science education to the masses.


TTK or TeensTeachKids has been at the heart of AiGoLearning since it was founded. We believe that teaching is the best way to share knowledge. TTK focuses on the “Teen” aspect of teaching. Because teens are our workforce’s incoming leaders, we want to give them the experience to share the knowledge they have learned over the years with those younger than them.

Teaching not only helps build the skills of others but also strengthens the teacher’s as well. “When one teaches, two learn.” - Robert Heinlein

Concrete programming knowledge.

If you found a chapter of the TTK Club at your school, you will be teaching other students how to code either in Scratch, Java, or Python. Through this process, you and your clubmates will curate the skills necessary to program in the 21st century workforce. Programming is a field with huge demand and exposing our future leaders to this problem solving based type study is vital.


Why we are different.

Our TTK Club will not only teach you programming through our versatile Scratch, Java, and Python curriculums, but it will also train you on how to become a better teacher. Having the ability to teach and communicate ideas is such an important skill in the workforce today that you cannot afford to ignore it.


Providing opportunities for success.

Managing and leading a club can be daunting at first, and we are always available to contact for help, but the rewards of assuming a leadership position definitely outweighs any difficulty. Membership will also afford students and leaders many benefits, such as participation in club-only hackathon events, eligibility for nationally-based awards, and eligibility for scholarships


What is TTK and how do you start a club?

This video explains our core values here at AiGoLearning as well as the general procedure to starting a club at your school. Watch the video to find out more on how you can be impactful in your community!


Read an individual’s story!

“Hey, my name is Edmond Niu and I was the first student to start a TTK Club! Here is my journey and thought process when I decided to take on this challenge.”

Ever since I was young, I developed a love for coding. It started with a local coding club with a couple of families coming together to solve computational coding problems, and then it rose to taking coding courses and learning new languages. As I entered high school, I thought that I should share the knowledge I had gained and continue the passing down of knowledge as had been done to me. I heard about AiGoLearning, and I took…


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