Who we are

AiGoLearning is a non-profit organization that provides free computer science education to the masses through the help of high school students as our large teacher base.

  • Our TTK (Teens Teach Kids) motto is founded on the principle that teens have the potential of connecting with other students through teaching and mentoring.
  • We progress our teachers through a training program created to ease the process of getting a class to teach.
  • Our student teachers will feel right at home with other high school students who share similar interests in computer science and technology.

Here are some of the benefits of starting a TTK Club at your school ASAP:

A club in general is a great way to show to others your skills and ability to lead a team and TTK Clubs will help you learn those skills by directing your peers into teachership poisitions

  • You learn leadership skills that is invaluable in future positions
  • Community growth is something that makes you stand out, help your peers, help yourself
  • Real-world experience is vital, TTK Clubs will give you that experience by letting you jump into teaching opportunities

Essentially, by starting a chapter of TTK Club at your High School, you will be guiding your peers, which would be your club members, through our organization, AiGoLearning, and teaching them along the way. You will be facilitating the communication between AiGoLearning and your club members, and you will also be teaching your peers the programming curriculum we currently have. Don't worry, however daunting this seems, this is a learning process for you as well. We will guide you every step of the way! Learn more about the specific roles of a TTK Club leader in Next Steps.

What makes TTK Clubs so different anyways?

Out missions us at the heart of what we do at AiGoLearning. We are striving to bring quality computer science education through the aid of high school student teachers. The Teens Teach Kids (TTK) revolves around just this principle. We believe that teaching is one of the best ways to hone your skills and grow your community as well and like they say knowledge shared, is knowlegde squared! Be a part of this fantastic cause and help yourself obtain vital real-world skills by sharing your knowledge of the field of Computer Science at your school.

Here are a few concrete examples on why you should look into starting a TTK Club at your school or institute:

  • Firstly, the interpersonal and community-centric skills you will obtain is invaluable, and you will be able to use them in any environment you might find yourself in the future.
  • Also, teaching is one of the best ways to learn, and thus you will be practicing and reinforcing the computer science knowledge you already have and the topics in our curriculums, which never hurts!
  • Evidently, colleges and universities love to see leadership and drive within their applicants and starting a club is one way that shows to the world that you have what it takes to be in charge.
  • Finally, building and supporting your team, co-workers, fellow peers, or anyone who you come across is a trait that is in demand. Companies, colleges, and other opportunities that you might come across don't look soley for those candidates able to push themselves. They want those who can bring up anyone who they work with and foster an overall positive learning environment. Starting a club can do exactly that!

How to set up a TTK Club at your school?

Each school is different, and there is no set or standard way when trying to setup a club. This is why the following checklist will give you a general guideline, to apply at your own educational institute.

  • Firstly, check if your school supports the idea of student-run clubs
  • This is by far the most important, unfortunately, if your school does't support student-run clubs, or clubs in general, you will not be able to start a TTK Club either.
  • Next, make sure you have the demand at your school to start this club. Many times there are already existing coding clubs and starting a brand new TTK Club could be unadvised at your school. If this is the case, we can always come up with solutions or work arounds, for example working with an existing club as a partnership.
  • Then look for those interested in helping you along the way. Starting a club by yourself can be a little daunting, and having someone along the way will help tremendously. Of course, we will be there helping you through the process regardless!

For a more specific check list, head to the Setup section which is found below.

Alright, petitions received, club started, students signed up, what next?

You have now set up your TTK Club and we are proud! From this point on the activites in the club will be heavily influenced by you. Our curricula are designed to teach the intricate details of programming and computer science in various programming languages and for various learning speeds. As the club leader, your first task is to walk your members through our AiGoLearning Training Program. Once they have started this working on this program, you will begin teaching the provided curriculum to them. So once again you will,

  • Walk your club members through the AiGoLearning Training Program in order to get them on the path of becoming student teachers (more details when in contact).
  • Begin mentoring your club members on the Curricula of choice we provide, which include Scratch + AI, Python, and Java for now!
  • Be a resource for your peers in times of difficulty with teaching, with the training program, or with the provided curriculum and comprehension.

For a more detailed procedure of the happenings in a TTK Club, contact us, we would love to hear from you! Head on down to the Contact page for relevant information.

Call To Action

AiGoLearning is in need of high school students just like YOU to join the coalition of bringing computer science education to all! If you are interested in teaching Computer Science in a class for either volunteer hours or a stipend, then join AiGoLearning's student teacher force by clicking the link to the right!


Getting started with TTK Club

Learn more about clubs at your school

Most schools do provide the option of student-run clubs, but just in case, make sure to check in with your peers or your local guidance counselor for more details!

Gauge your demand

Make sure that your school has demand for such a club and that you, along side some of your peers if you wish, can garner the necessary students to foster club growth!

Get in touch

Starting a TTK Club requires that you get in contact with the club team here at AiGoLearning and we will help you through the setup process and then provide the necessary curricula.

Fill out the necessary formalities

Head to your school website, you might see a form you need to fill out in order to submit a club proposal. This might include getting an advisor, petitions, student leader info, etc. Fill that out ASAP (you can always contact us for help).

Spread the word

In order to see your club excel, you need student members! Marketing your new organization is key in peaking interest and gathering support.

Ready, Set, Go

You are now finished setting up a TTK Club, and the sky's the limit. Make sure you have checked in with the club team and have also prepared the timings and dates for when your club will meet.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Nope, there are no payments or membership fees at all throughout the entire process!

  • This really depends on your school. Some schools require at least two student leaders, make sure to check in with your system before starting a club!

  • We give you options! You can choose from Scratch + AI, an in-house made scratch extension than teaches topics of AI and ML from the basics, Python, which covers basic and fundamental programming topics and skills and reaches to an advanced level, and finally Java, which starts off from the basics of computers, and reaches an intermediate level.

  • There are many ways you can market your club, the most effective or efficient way is usually heading to social media and posting about it. Students from your school who are interested might see this club and sign up. Another way is through your guidance department. Many guidance counselors and/or teachers can post new club openings to their students and grades which will help a ton!

  • As of now yes! We are currently in the process of making this a more automated process, but for now, in order to ease the process for our club founders, getting in touch is mandatory.

  • After getting in touch, we will give you a choice on what curriculum or curricula you would like to teach at your school. These curricula are curated by AiGoLearning so you won't need to make one by yourself!

  • AiGoLearning is a non-profit organization wanting to bring computer science knowledge through teen teaching. TTK Club is an AiGolearning initiative that was created to bring that vision one step closer to reality, by enabling high school students like you into teachership positions.


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