Why learn coding


Artificial Intelligence is a rising force in the modern world, allowing computers to learn from experience and perform human-like tasks. This technology allows computers to accomplish specific tasks much more efficiently than people can by analyzing large amounts of data and their patterns.

Added Value

Students will learn computer programming, artificial intelligence and their applications through fun STEM projects. This experience is further enhanced by trained student instructors from the same community. Through our courses, students can learn important skills as well as have fun.

Curriculum conception

The students will start from visual programming language Scratch and gradually progress to the text-based Python. The transition from in-browser environments to desktop computing, to the more physical Raspberry Pi robotic controller, and ultimately to the more powerful AI cloud will take place smoothly, as the students gain problem solving skills and confidence in their understanding of different AI capabilities. In time, they will become more creative in their tackling of real-world problems.

The core of the courses lies in the encapsulation of artificial intelligence/machine learning technology which is professional and difficult. the operation interface and course content are redesign and integration so that the difficulty of course system built step by step and the AI knowledge is effectively transmitted.

Children‘s AI Programming Curriculum

AI000 Scratch Jr. for 5-7 years-old

Scratch Jr is an introductory programming language that encourages creativity and expression, enabling five- to seven-year-old children to create their own interactive projects through coding. It provide young children with opportunities to design, create, and express themselves. Using Scratch Jr, children can use the programming blocks to bring their characters to life.
*Scratch Jr course duration: Session#1 -> Session#2. (16 hours per each session)

AI001 Scratch 3.0 for 7-9 years-old

Extending from Google’s CS First themed curriculum, we introduce grades 2-5 students (7 years-old and up) to coding principles, all in project-based activities. Kids will systematically learn to program in Scratch, meanwhile explore storytelling techniques, build fun games and craft interesting presentations. The projects will showcase their creativity with the aid of coding and digital designs.
*Scratch course duration: Session#1 -> Session#2 -> Session#3 -> Session#4. (16 hours per each session)

AI001+ Scratch Game Design for aged 8+

Scratch+ Game Design is centered around the various logic concepts used within many common games. Students will apply their basic knowledge of scratch as well as new important logic and computer science concepts through recreating existing and original games. Students can express their creativity through game design. The course focuses on the application of code in original game mechanics created by the students.

AI002 Scratch+AI for 9-12 years-old

Have you ever wondered how Alexa could always find an answer to your whimsical questions? We have and we figured that out, in Scratch. Using the proprietary AI platform built by Thinkland.ai, we introduce grades 4-8 students to the concept of machine learning and its applications in real life. Learning with 10 projects from different AI focuses all implemented in Scratch, the kids will explore the meanings of artificial intelligence in our daily life and the engineering principles behind these AI-based applications.
*Scratch+AI course duration: Session#1 -> Session#2 -> Session#3. (16 hours per each session)

AI003 Python for 10-11 years-old

Get started with an introductory session for those interested in learning Python, programming, and how to use programming in various mathematical and scientific tasks. Students will install Python 3.8, learn the basics of Python programming, and apply the basics to various tasks. And then gradually expand to computational thinking skills behind software application design.
*Python course duration: Session#1 -> Session#2 -> Session#3 -> Session#4. (16 hours per each session)

AI003+ Python PyGame for 10-14 years-old

Python PyGame course introduces computational thinking skills behind software application design and PyGame. The project-based approach employs a pedagogical sequence: project demo -> requirements analysis -> problem presentation -> solution proposal and implementation -> reinforcement of syntax and coding concepts. The basics of a popular Python library (pygame) bridgesthe concepts common in computer game development while further developing the students’ software development skills.

AI005 Java for 11-15 years-old

An in-depth course detailing everything related to java, from basic concepts of how a computer functions to advanced concepts that appear on the AP exams. This course blends rigor with fun as students participate in hands-on projects and labs to better understand the language of java and take the step into more advanced coding.
*Java course duration: Session#1 -> Session#2. (16 hours per each session)

AI006 Data Structure for aged 12+

An in-depth course about two of the fundamental topics in computer science — data structures and algorithms. This course is designed for those who have basic knowledge of Java programming and ready to move a step beyond programming language. Data Structures & Algorithms course is divided into two subcourses, each consists of multiple sessions with the difficulty gradually increases. It covers everything you need to know for competitive programming, from basic concepts to practical experience. If you’re able to master all the content in this course, trust me, you’ll be able to stand out in USACO open contests (or even get a job in Silicon Valley). Most importantly, this course develops the skills of modeling and logical thinking, and clears the way towards advanced topics in computer science and artificial intelligence.

AI201 HTML & CSS for aged 9+

HTML&CSS course serves as a beginner’s guide to HTML and CSS, the major programming languages used to build static websites in the current technologically active age. Through this course, students will learn HTML and CSS in a fun, interactive, and project-based curriculum and develop key web development and design skills. Additionally, students will learn how to properly apply these two powerful languages in building websites of their very own.

AI301 Python+AI for aged 12+

Introduction to machine learning course is for those who have basic knowledge of Python programming and are curious about the magic behind Artificial Intelligence (AI). It covers machine learning key concepts, design principles, and classic algorithms from the widely used traditional algorithms to the booming technology of deep learning and neural networks. The students will be guided to solve real-world problems with what they learn and enjoy the fun of building AI projects from scratch.

Math Curriculum

Math001 – Pre Algebra

Prealgebra aims to improve essential math proficiency and problem solving skills to prepare students for Algebra and high school math curriculum.

Math002 – ALGEBRA 1

Algebra 1 aims to improve math proficiency and problem solving skills to prepare students for higher mathematics such as Geometry and Algebra 2

Math003 – Geometry

Geometry aims to improve math proficiency and problem solving skills to prepare students for higher mathematics such as Algebra 2 and Precalculus.

Math201 – AMC 8 Prep

The AMC 8 is a contest for students in grades 8 and below, hosted annually by the American Mathematics Competitions (AMC) to students all over the United States. 

The AMC 8 exam is a 25 problem exam. There are 40 minutes given in the exam. Problems increase in difficulty as the problem number increases.The AMC 8 is usually administered in the third week of January. There is a 1-week window for students to take the test. 

Math202 – AMC 10 Prep

students in 10th grade and below who hope to qualify for the AIME. Must have scored high on AMC 8 or scored 80+ AMC 10 to attend. Those who already qualified for the AIME and hope to qualify for USA(J)MO or are in 11-12th grade and want to score high on the AMC 12 should take Level 3.

Students Stories

Outcomes of children learning

Parent’s Comments

My son enjoyed the class. As a parent, I received prompt notice if my son isn’t at class on time, which I really appreciate. I especially like the timely feedback after each class, so I know how my son did and the level of difficulty of the class materials.

shape author
Rosemary Karr

I was hoping to learn Scratch + AI particularly the AI part because I already know scratch. If add more AI part to the teaching content would fit me better.

shape author
Jason Xiao

My son enjoyed the class. Please continue offer the class and my son would like to continue the study. “I would also appreciate if the class can organize students do some group projects if possible. So students can collaborate and build something bigger.

shape author
Audrey Lee

AI002 Scratch + AI: “James is very responsible and help her on each class if she doesn’t understand.”

shape author
Jenny Deo

AI002 Scratch + AI: “I really liked learning with you. You mixed learning and fun into a educative cheerful Course.”

shape author
Marjin Otte

AI002 Scratch + AI: “Good. No extra homework, hand on workshop.”, “Good teacher, very patient.”

shape author
David Smith

I liked how they showed you how to use the AI for Scratch, and it was easy to follow along.

shape author
David Mao

I really enjoyed working with my friends to achieve a goal and work hard to complete it.

shape author
Noah Addeo

The event was great and increased social interaction as well as taught me a lot about coding and helped me improve my skills!

shape author
Ayush Srivastava

The judges provides great advice regarding how to improve our presentation for the final round.

shape author
Sarthak Mohapatra

I liked how you coded, fixed bugs, and met new people.

shape author
Adalyn Shen

AI003 Python: “Elias has high regard for the teacher. The teacher is very knowledgeable, very nice and helpful to the students. “

shape author
Aaron Cameron

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