(Grade 8-10) 


students in 10th grade and below who hope to qualify for the AIME. Must have scored high on AMC 8 or scored 80+ AMC 10 to attend. Those who already qualified for the AIME and hope to qualify for USA(J)MO or are in 11-12th grade and want to score high on the AMC 12 should take Level 3.  


To foster love and growth in problem solving. To aid students in understanding difficult concepts and promote perseverance, patience, and creativity in problem solving that will be indispensable even outside of competition math.  

Suggested textbooks to accompany: AoPs Volume 1 and 2. 


  • Intro: 

Lesson 1 Intro: Mathematical Problem Solving 

  • Algebra: 

Lesson 2 :Equations 

Lesson 3 :Sequences and Series 

Lesson 4 :Functions 

Lesson 5 :Algebra in AMC 

  • Number Theory: 

Lesson 6 :Primes 

Lesson 7 :Number Sense 

  • Counting and Probability: 

Lesson 8 :How to Count 

Lesson 9 :Counting Strategies 

Lesson 10 :Probability and More Counting 

  • Geometry: 

Lesson 11 :Triangles 

Lesson 12 :Circles 

Lesson 13 :3D Geometry and Polygons 

Lesson 14 :Coordinates 

  • Problem Solving: 

Lesson 15 :Problem Solving Strategies 1 

Lesson 16 :Take on the Challenge