We aim to provide younger children with opportunities to learn about Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence through fun hands-on programming projects taught by student teachers.

Learn to Code

Introduces children to Computer Programming as well as Artificial Intelligence while challenging them with fun hands-on projects. Learn how to program as well as improve problem-solving skills.

Learn to Teach

Promotes high school & college students to teach computer classes while developing their communication and leadership skills through our TTK program that also aims at benefiting children and communities.

Think BIG

SOME FACTS in 2024

We host small, online, live computer science/AI classes with varying difficulties for young children who are interested in learning computer science and have fun. We also train high school/college students who are interested in teaching Computer Science to younger children, preparing them to teach live online classes using our AI curriculums.

6000 +
Young Students
90 %
Retention Rate
1000 +
Student Teachers
700 +
High Schools/Colleges
Live, Anytime,Anyone


Live, Online Classes

In Aigolearning, classes are small, online, live classes, with a class size of 4 – 8 students. Instructors will teach through online tools such as Scratch. The class will be hosted through online streaming tools with breakout rooms, in which students and instructors can interact with students smoothly.

Programming Classes with Varying Levels

We offer a serie of courses at different levels (1 – 4), from Scratch Jr to Scratch to Scratch + AI to Python to Java Programming; from introduction to medium to advanced levels. Students are welcome to sign up for any courses, any level at any time.

Parallel Classes

Each class will have a total of three to four sessions, 16 hours per session. Students can move up a level/course after completing any number of sessions of their current course.