Math001 – Pre Algebra

(Grade 4-8)

Prealgebra aims to improve essential math proficiency and problemsolving skillstoprepare students for Algebra and high school math curriculum. Topics include:
● Basic arithmetic operations and expressions
● Fractions, decimals, and percents
● Ratios and rates
● Exponents and square roots
● Simple number theory
● Variables and linear equations
● Negative numbers
● Basic geometry

Essential Aims:
● Help students understand the concepts and knowledge necessary for moreadvanced mathematics
● Foster and emphasize mathematical thinking and problem solving

Section 0: Introduction

  1. Intro: people intro, course run through, benchmark walkthrough (4 problems- operations/expressions, ratios/rates, number theory, equations)
    Section 1: General Math Operations
  2. Arithmetic operations (on whole numbers)
    a. Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division
    b. Properties: commutativity, associativity, distributivity, negation, inverseelement, identity element, etc. c. Order of operations
  3. Exponents
    a. Definition and properties/identities
    b. Special cases: squares, cubes and square roots
    Section 2: Introduction to Number Theory
  4. Integers and prime numbers
    a. Prime and composite numbers
    b. Prime factorization
  5. LCM and GCD
    a. Division rules
    b. LCM
    c. GCD
    Section 3: Non-Integer Notations
  6. Fractions
    a. Fraction operations
    b. Reciprocals
    c. Reduced form of fractions
    d. Rationalization of denominators
    e. Mixed numbers
  7. Decimals
    a. Power of 10 and scientific notation
    b. Rounding
    c. Conversion between fractions and decimals
    d. Repeating decimals
    e. Real examples: dollars and cents
  8. Percents
    a. Conversion between decimals and percents
    b. Conversion between fractions and percents
    c. Percent increase and decrease
    d. Real examples: discounts, sales tax, simple interests
    Section 4: Properties of Algebra
  9. Variables and expressions
    a. Variables
    b. Expressions – arithmetic operations with variables
    c. Expressions – powers of variables
    10.Functions and graphing
    a. Functions definition
    b. Graphing functions: slope, intercept
    a. Linear equations
    b. Variables in the denominator
    c. Exponents of variables
    d. Inequalities
    12.Rate, ratios and proportions
    a. Ratio and multi-way ratio
    b. Proportions
    c. Rate or speed
    Section 5: Number Analysis
    13.Data and statistics
    a. Tables, graphs and charts
    b. Statistics – mean, median, mode, min, max, range
    14.Counting and probabilities
    a. Venn diagram
    b. Probability concept
    Section 6: Basic Geometry
    15.Introduction to geometry
    a. Angles
    b. Perimeters
    c. Areas
    16.Triangles and quadrilaterals
    a. Right triangles and Pythagorean Theorem
    b. Isosceles and equilateral triangles
    c. Squares and rectangles

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