Student Instructors Benefits

Share your Knowledge

Many high school students today are well informed in the field of Computer Science. Our program gives instructors a way to use their computer knowledge to benefit the community

Grow as you Teach

Dive into the world of Computer Programming and Artificial Intelligence as you prepare yourself for teaching. Instructors will reinforce their knowledge on computer science as they prepare and teach for their classes.

Real-world Experience

Instructors will gain good work and teaching experience that is more than just being a volunteer. Through our program, high school students can have firsthand experience with teaching.

Make a Stipend

Aside from the work experience and new learning opportunities, instructors will also earn stipends or volunteering credits for their efforts to expand computer programming knowledge to more students.

Start teaching now


We have standardized, online training for qualified high school/college students. These training sessions will not only provide teaching materials, but also develop student instructors’ teaching skills. The training sessions will ensure that new instructors are well prepared to teach.
TTK Training Week


The best way to learn how to teach is to teach. After passing the evaluation, students will be assigned to teach classes offered by other educational institutions and branded companies who collaborate with AI Go Learning. To prepare students who are not ready yet, we offer teaching assistant positions.
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All high school students (K9 and above) with some computer programming experience are welcome to join us. We have courses with different computer levels. Students with less programming experience can be trained to teach introductory classes, while students with more experience can teach more challenging classes. In each training session, we evaluate every student to see if they are ready to teach and put them in more suitable positions depending on their performance.

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