HTML&CSS course serves as a beginner’s guide to HTML and CSS, the major programming
languages used to build static websites in the current technologically active age. Through
this course, students will learn HTML and CSS in a fun, interactive, and project-based
curriculum and develop key web development and design skills. Additionally, students will
learn how to properly apply these two powerful languages in building websites of their very

This course covers the fundamental principles of programming and introduces the
syntax and semantics of HTML in level 1 and CSS in level 2.

Curriculum in Detail

Level 1 – HTML5

● Unit 1: Basic Elements and Structure
● Unit 2: Parent and Child Relationship
● Unit 3: Media Elements
● Unit 4: Readability and Semantics
● Unit 5: Tables and Forms

Level 2 – CSS

● Unit 6: In-Line Styling
● Unit 7: Embedded CSS
● Unit 8: External CSS

Final Project – Create your own Landing Page

● Part 1: Creating your Company
● Part 2: Creating it’s Landing Page
● Part 3: Sharing and Presenting your Website