303 Head Journalist

This role is:Part-time
Job Type:Volunteer (work from remote)
Pay Rate:Volunteer Hours
Job Duration:Temp/Seasonal to Permanent

About Us

We are a student run, non-profit organization dedicated towards teaching young kids (5-15 years old) coding and AI. We offer free classes around STEM topics to underrepresented and low income families. We like to think that our organization is unique due to its TeensTeachKids program that trains students to become skilled teachers. Through this training course, teachers develop learning responsibility, patience, skills in communication, and leadership. For more information, please visit our website at www.aigolearning.org.

About This Job

We are currently seeking a new member of our team in the role of Journalist. We are looking for this person to help spread the word of our mission  to a wider range of audience. The biggest perks of this role will be working with both teachers, students, and parents, as well as AiGoLearning team members to publish relevant news about the organization; coming up with new ideas that may benefit the popularity of these articles; and designing your own section dedicated for newsletters on our official website. This team role is integrated in our AiGoLearning team group, which consists of various other positions catering towards tasks; we all work together and help each other in developing the organization. The team overall describes itself as driven, hardworking, and creative.

Core Responsibilities:

  • Publish weekly/bi-weekly articles regarding current news of AiGoLearning
  • Listen in on classes/meetings/or communicate with parents to find topics
  • Design own and teachers’ page on official website just for published articles
  • Interview teacher of the month/year, star students, engaging parents
  • Work with marketing team to spread the word
  • Suggest areas of improvement to cater towards larger audience

If this sounds interesting to you, you can email hr@aigolearning.org or also sign up at our website www.aigolearning.org.